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Friday, November 12, 2010

Tuition Online

Post by: Achu
Subject: All SPM subject
Type: Tuition online for SPM candidates, formula, and much more.

Visits for more details.
student is an Online Learning Portal for Malaysia PMR and SPM students, offering various learning and teaching material for tuition, home tuition, self-study and school classes.

In this website, you can find a lot of free online reference books and notes for PMR and SPM subjects, including science, mathematics, add maths, chemistry, physics and ext. All this material is prepared by a group of experienced tutors and teachers.We also provide a study forum for students and teachers to discuss their academic problems. This forums is managed by a few volunteer teachers, who have years experience in teaching particular subjects, including SPM Physics, Chemistry and Additional mathematics, just name a few.In this website, you can also find a lot of useful links to various online references, such as dictionary, encyclopedia, free online library and ext. We are currently building a series of SPM and PMR reference books by a group of volunteer teachers. The subjects that are currently planned are SPM Chemistry, Physics, Biology, General Science, Mathematic and Additional Mathematics. More subjects will be included in this project in the future.

FREE E-Books is planning to build a series of online free reference books and notes for Malaysia's teachers and students. This project is sponsored by an online tuitionCompany, and is developed by a group of volunteer teachers.
Currently most of the books are still under construction. The content of the books will be added in from time to time.

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