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Sunday, November 7, 2010

How to Study Effectively for SPM Sejarah? from kennylee95

First, I analyse past year spm exam question using a bit probability...and predict the chapter that might coming out.

Second, since sej essay question set by different field~i don't know whether should called like this, but as I remember like all the islam thing consider a field and others lolz, if i m not mistaken, total is 7 field. You can choose to focus on some field, which had only a few chapter~like last time i totally give up islam field, as it's too many...And remember, here you might consider the 1st part I mentioned.

And third, most important thing, I don't know whether it's true or not, but for what i get and what i think, write all the stuff you know or you think it's related. It works to all the subject in spm, just write lots of thing even you not really sure. For spm, i think they won't deduct your marks if you write something else~but for sure not for language essays....

Do a little bit survey, and just write all you want...You probably will get what you want for final spm, but still have to work out for it, this's just a little tricks...

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